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20th October 2019 
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About Consultations

What To Expect in a Consultation

A consultation with me is very different from a typical consultation with a GP or doctor at a hospital.

It will take the form of a conversation during which we will discuss your health concerns. I will want to know about what is troubling you and also about what makes you tick. Favourite foods, sleep patterns, things you like to do and the things that push your buttons as well as your medical history are all things that will help me individualise your treatment programme. What is important to you is important to me.

My consultation room is homely and private. A safe space. Essential to the consultation are my attitudes of respect, empathy and compassion

Time Taken for Consultations

A first consultation for an adult is likely to be about one and a half hours. Don't worry -the time goes quickly and most people enjoy the experience and find it useful. Subsequent consultations, to assess progress and to discuss any new issues are up to one hour long.

About Consultations for Children

For a young child, consultations are shorter. Children are encouraged to play with toys from my toy box or draw as I gently and respectfully talk to them and their parent/carer. I like parents or carers to phone or email me, separately, to share information they would rather not discuss in front of their children.

About CEASE Therapy Consultations

It is fine for parents and I to talk while the child plays, draws or listens to music. It is also sometimes good for parents to come without their child to discuss things freely. And if it is beneficial I do travel to the patient's own home sometimes. I am always happy to hear how things are going by phone or email..

I have a medical history form that I ask parents to complete (as much as you can) and bring to the first or second consultation. This way I have the medical information already and we can talk about things the child likes to do etc during the consultation.

Frequency of Consultations

This depends on individual need but as a rule 4 to 6 weeks is about the right pace to assess the remedy reaction and to introduce any new remedies that are needed

Fees for Consultations.

For adults 16 and over
First consultation: 70
Subsequent consultations: 50

For 1 to 15 year olds
First consultation: 50
Subsequent consultations: 40

For babies up to 1 year old
First consultation: 40
Subsequent consultations: 35

Fees include consultation and analysis work to find out which remedies will best suit you at one particular time.

Prescription Fees for remedies

These are 5 for single remedy prescriptions and 10 for multiple remedy prescriptions.
I need to charge separately for any supplements or herbal tinctures that I supply.

Consultations for acute conditions for current patients that have not had an appointment for a while

I recommend that patients buy a homeopathy first aid kit and a book such as those by Miranda Castro for home prescribing which will help with many of the normal short-lasting conditions such as the flu, coughs and colds, vomiting and diarrhoea or injuries.
If you feel you need additional help I give a 15-20 minute consultation on the phone and send remedies.
Fee: 25.
The type of information I need is a list of the symptoms, things that make the condition better or worse and reaction to the condition, eg. tearful or angry.
For some conditions it may be more appropriate and more beneficial to have a full length consultation either by phone or in person so that I can best choose remedies to help.

Naturopathic Health Analysis Questionnaire

My Naturopathic training has qualified me to administer a Naturopathic Health Analysis Questionaire. When I think this is likely to be helpful I will suggest that patients fill in the multiple choice questions at home and bring the form to a consultation where we can talk over any things you are unsure about. Sometimes it is useful to do the questionnaire before our first consultation so that I have as much useful information as possible on which to base my treatment.

Hair Mineral Tests
Sometimes a client and I decide together that this would give a useful insight into what is happening at a biochemical level. The testing laboratory recommend supplements and lifestyle changes geared exactly to your personal situation.

Ethics and Confidentiality

I work according to The Association of Registered Homoeopaths' Code of Ethics. Confidentiality is crucially important to me.