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20th October 2019 
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FAQ #01

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it and see?

I offer a free no-obligation 20 minute telephone consultation on 01923 269058 so you can find out more about me and my practice and decide if you would like to work with me to improve your health and well-being.

How much are consultations?

For adults 16 and over
First consultation: 70
Subsequent consultations: 50

For 1 to 15 year olds
First consultation: 50
Subsequent consultations: 40

For up to 1 year olds
First consultation: 40
Subsequent consultations: 35

Fees include the consultation time and analysis work to find out which remedies will best suit you at one particular time.

What is the cost of the remedies?

These are 5 for single-remedy prescriptions and 10 for multiple-remedy prescriptions.
I need to charge separately for any supplements or herbal tinctures that I supply.

Short Consultations for acute conditions

For current patients I offer short consultations via the phone: 25. See under the Consultations section for details

What is Homeopathy?

An established, evidence-based system of medicine that works with the body's innate energy to stimulate the person's own healing for mental, emotional and physical issues. It works to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind

What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

An approach to health based on using natural methods of treatment. It concentrates on improving general health status rather than focusing in on the symptoms of one particular ailment. It stands back and sees the bigger picture and brings back balance to the body.

How do Naturopathy and Homeopathy work together?

They complement each other wonderfully. They share the same aim which is to activate the body's own healing mechanisms in order to create greater health. A real health that comes from within rather than the illusion of health that symptom suppression can give. A well body has no need of symptoms so the symptoms disappear naturally. An every-day example is someone with a headache drinking water which hydrates the whole body and consequently means the headache goes away.

What is CEASE Therapy?

See my page About Homeopathy, Naturopthic Nutrition and CEASE Therapy for a short description.

See CEASE Therapy for more details including videos of on going treatment.

For more information read Tinus Smits' book 'Autism Beyond Despair - CEASE Therapy'.

What are Homeopathic remedies made of?

A myriad of substances ranging from the plant belladonna (also used by conventional medicine) through elements and minerals such as magnesium (also used as a supplement) to such things as animal products, sea water, metals and gases. Over 3000 substances have been used as the starting point for remedies.

Is it safe to use Homoeopathy and Naturopathy if I am currently on medication or am pregnant?

Homoeopathy is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy and when on prescribed medication. Sometimes the body will slowly start to need less of a prescribed medicine. When I am treating, for example, someone with high blood pressure I ask that they regularly check with their doctor to monitor how much medication they need.

Can Homeopathy and Naturopathy help with emotional problems?

Yes. Most definitely. You do not need to have physical problems to benefit from Homeopathy and Naturopathy.

Do Homeopathic remedies taste bad?

No. One of the brilliant things about Homoeopathy is how easy and pleasant to take the remedies are. The remedies are either a very small pillule that is sucked for a minute or two or dissolved in water to be sipped, or a nearly-tasteless liquid of which a few drops are diluted in water before taking

Are Homeoapthic remedies suitable for all ages?

Yes. Homeopathy can be used in pre-conception care, throughout pregnancy and labour, in early childhood, in adolescence and all through adulthood. It is safe, free of side-effects and has much to offer all the way through life.

Can you order lab tests?

Yes. My Naturopathic training means I am registered to order hair mineral tests, saliva tests and others. It also means I am registered to administer and analyse the Naturopathic Health Analysis Questionnaire. Doing this and using the results in my treatment plan often means that people begin to feel better and other more intrusive and expensive tests are not necessary.

How many consultations will I need to have?

Everybody is individual and we all have different difficulties and challenges cropping up in our lives. For some people one consultation is enough; for most 3 or 4 gives Homeoathy and Naturopathic Nutrition a real chance to make a difference.

Many people like to visit their Homeopath once or twice a year even when well for a health check and to avoid future problems. It is similar to going to the dentist or optician for a check-up.

Is the cost covered by Health Insurance Schemes?

Yes. Simply Health (formerly HSA) and other similar companies reimburse some or all of the cost.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the websites of The Society of Homeopaths or The Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths.

For those who like to find out more from books, I recommend:

'The Complete Homeopathy Handbook' by Miranda Castro

'The Naturopathic Way' by Christopher Vasey ND

'Never Be Sick Again' by Raymond Francis

Is there any research into the efficacy of Homoeopathy?

Yes. See the websites mentioned in the previous question/answer, or Links to Further Information. Ask people you know who have used homeopathy. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!