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20th October 2019 
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Testimonials #01


The testimonials given here can not be considered to be evidence in the scientific sense but instead represent individuals' own experiences and opinions.

With the parents' permission I am quoting from our first and second consultations. The treatment used was CEASE.

First consultation:
Rarely says he's hungry; doesn't like mixed textures of food; change-overs from one activity to another are hard; repeatedly does [a repetitive behaviour]; headaches all the time; bad nightmares and night terrors; as a toddler I had to hold his hand all the time as he used to wander off a lot.

Second consultation, four weeks later:
To start with things were exaggerated - it was like we had gone back 3 years - it lasted 24 hours and was so intense; then more co-operative, more responsive; much better when interrupted; comes more quickly when called - a big difference; a lot less anxious about things; [repetitive behaviour] lessened almost to nothing; seems to be trying more types of food; has said he is hungry a few times; seems more aware of being hungry; headaches not that bad anymore - in the past 3 weeks none; no bad dreams; he normally never chooses to write and he has done some spontaneous writing; a definite improvement.
DN, North London

A parent's comments after one CEASE prescription:

I have already noticed differences, and despite the not so nice reactions she has had on occasion, the overall is very positive which is why I'm anxious to continue following it to the letter,the sleep apnoea has stopped and her snoring has almost completely stopped too, and when I took her to the GP to enquire about allergy testing, (after you mentioned about the possible gluten intolerance) I also got him to take a quick look at her tonsils ( he had never seen them before so had nothing to compare to) but he described them as quite big but nothing out of the ordinary so I'm convinced they have reduced. Overall after just starting the 3rd week of the therapy, my husband and I are very positive and excited that this could make a big difference and her issues have convinced us even more that they are related to toxin damage.
LD, Watford area

For years, I experienced sneezing attacks in which I sneezed up to 15 times at once. This happened many times a day. After consulting with Margaret, I was prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Life is now much more comfortable for me and much quieter for the people around me, as I no longer suffer from sneezing. I also have more energy.
HJ, London

My daughter had been suffering from lower abdominal pain off and on for almost a year, visits to the GP, blood tests and a trip to casualty had managed to rule out certain things but had not found the problem. My daughter had a severe onset of the pain so I consulted Margaret who prescribed some tablets and drops, the pain went within days and she has been pain free for several months now. We are both delighted.
KL, Luton

I visited Margaret as I had a rash that no doctor could solve and no medication worked! I was treated by Margaret and with a short period was symptom free and healthier than I had ever been, physically and emotionally. Margaret always greeted with me with a smile, worked in a very professional yet caring manner and always made me feel very at home (with a delicious cup of tea). Margaret works in a very holistic manner, looks at the person as a whole, and treats accordingly. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help, recipes and warmth!
SP, North London

My consultation with Margaret was very thorough yet unhurried. Iwas listened to in acaring and compassionate mannerand the suggestions Margaret made for ideas to help in stressful situations have been invaluable
Mrs P. High Wycombe

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